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Pilates, Core & Your

Pelvic Floor

Regain or retain your youth

Improve body tone & flexibility

Work towards becoming a fitter, healthier version of you

Strengthen and improve the      function of your pelvic floor

The 10 Session package will include:

* A real-time ultrasound (private & non-invasive), so you can learn and practice your pelvic floor exercises correctly and properly. (This is optional).
* Booklet containing the exercises & pelvic floor protective strategies that will be covered over the 10 sessions.
* Voice recordings of the pelvic floor training routines will be available to you. These will help you get into the habit of doing the exercises during the first two weeks after completing your 10 sessions.


Pilates training to learn how to:  

*engage/activate your core muscles *improve muscle tone & flexibility.
* Exercises to work towards becoming a fitter, healthier version of you.

*De-stress and gain energy for work and family life.

*Prepare yourself for an active holiday.


What is the aim?

This is a Specialized Private Training Package.

 The Pilates, core and pelvic floor program aims to empower you to regain or retain your youth and take charge of your body.

What will the program do for my body?

The program will tone, strengthen & mobilize your body through Pilates and restore your pelvic floor. This is about having a well-functioning, youthful body by combining the Discreetly Fit Pelvic Floor program & Pilates.


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